This integrative approach to
dentistry is a game changer!

Help Your Patients Connect Oral Systemic Health to Over-The-Counter Remedies and Dietary Approaches

While the majority of Americans take nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, they typically do so without understanding the risks or side-effects which can be hazardous to health. Create a practice environment where patients are given the space to disclose this information, helped to make informed choices, and educated regarding oral systemic connections.

Set your practice on a course to healthier, happier patients.

Learn with your team:

  • Connections between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, and other disorders
  • Modern diet choices that support better health and lower inflammation and review the roles of specific vitamins in relation to dental health
  • Commonly prescribed drugs which deplete essential vitamins and minerals and how to help patients counter the effects
  • Nutritional and herbal supplements that support oral and systemic health and any contraindications
  • Receive and review a reference guide for helping patients make informed choices in terms of value, variety and quality when purchasing supplements or OTC remedies
  • Salivary testing the dental team can offer clients to support the unique genetics of patients, rendering better treatment results, health and longevity, making the dental team look like rock stars!
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